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If you’re brave enough to say “goodbye”, life will reward you with a new “hello”

The Brexit causes many EU citizens to doubt their future on the island. Xpats-Service not only aims to help you find a new home, but also to feel at home. Come to Amsterdam!

Why move to Amsterdam?
Before deciding where to start a new life in a new country, it is important that you are clear about what kind of life you want.  

1. Riding a bike 
No traffic jams, no hunting for a parking spot and no guilt about CO2 emissions – need I say more? Riding a bike in the Netherlands a amazing experience. your bike will become a faithful companion.

2. Boat life
Boating in the Netherlands is what picnics are in other countries: a chance to eat, drink and socialize outdoors. Dutch summer social life often revolves around boats and boating.

3. No fuss communication 
The Netherlands’ reputation as a nation of straight-talkers can be a rude shock when you first arrive.  The Dutch consider directness and (brutal) honesty to be good qualities. Such modes of expression are intended to be an open form of communication, not an attack on your personal character.

4. Happy kids
Raising kids in the Netherlands is quite unique: toddlers are blasted by wind and rain as they perch up front on a parent’s bike, kids skip barefoot past empty beer cups at summer festivals and play spaces in cities are confined.

And yet, Dutch kids usually have a smile on their face, tantrums are rare, and lack of space is compensated for by imagination. Just like communication, Dutch parenting has a no-fuss approach, allowing children to play how they want and explore their surroundings. UNICEF ranked them in a 2018 survey as having the highest rate of well-being in the world.

5. Beautiful interiors
With big windows, fresh flowers and stylish yet practical furniture, Dutch homes often feel like cozy cocoons, safe from the unpredictable weather outside. It can come as a surprise when you return to your home country to find interiors that are cluttered or missing the feeling of “gezelligheid”. Obviously having less space forces you to use it in a better way.

6. Opportunity
The Netherlands may be small, but it’s full of fresh opportunities. If they’re up for the challenge, expats can find many career breaks in the Netherlands, from finding a job with one of many international companies.

7. The open mindset
There’s something special in the open way Dutch people listen to you when you talk. This can be extremely refreshing for expats coming from more judgmental societies. You can experience this accepting attitude at work or when you’re networking

8. Change
If you live in the Netherlands for a few years you will start to notice the constant renewal and development that is always going on. The Dutch are not afraid of change.

9. The Dutch
What is a country but its people? Last but certainly not least, the Dutch themselves make the Netherlands a special place to live. Sure, it takes a while to connect with locals when you first arrive, but once you get to know them you’ll discover they’re with a secret soft side and a cracking sense of humor. Maybe the acceptance of “craziness” explains why expats stay so long in the Netherlands: it’s a place where you can be yourself.

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