Every day, your new employee does not work for you, is a day, that costs your business time and money

If your company hires a new expatriate employee, there are stumbling blocks everywhere that could hinder successful integration into your company. Xpats-Service will be pleased to assist you with the apartment search and with the entire administrative process around the move, thus relieving you of the “arrival” of your new expat employee. 

So your new professionals can focus directly on their new job, do not have to ask colleagues for support and have in Xpats-Service a solid, first point of contact in the new and unfamiliar environment. 

Xpats-Service, can create together with you a customize package for your new employee, according to your budget. Thus, your new employee can concentrate fully on his new work, while Xpats-Service take care about to roll-out his new life.


Please choose the package you need:

(plus bureaucracy costs which could be incurred)

For more information, please read the pages “Moving & Logistics” and “Additional Service.”

The “Relocation Packages” except “Tailor Made”, includes a free Taxi-service from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to your new home.

Your advantages:

We make sure that your employee …

  • concentrate with full focus on the first day of work and get a full boost. Due to a personal support by Xpats-Service.
  • no time wasted on administrative formalities, on-the-spot orientation or finding suitable accommodation, kindergarten or school etc.
  • get along quickly in the new environment.
  • and whose family does not feel left alone and always has a competent contact person who is there for them.
  • And your HR department is relieved, and concentrate on the core business.