Experience reports show that it makes sense to consult a professional real estate agent in Amsterdam. Because of the housing shortage, many scammers and swindlers has developed a kind of black market which is only interested in pulling out as much money as possible from expats.

Every year more than 3,700 expats are deceived by fraudsters who take advantage of the plight of home seekers and are deprived of their money. We at Xpats-Service want to help you navigate the jungle of real estate offers. That is why we offer you not only assistance in the housing market to find a suitable and reputable landlord / seller, but also to find yourself an interesting object in the housing market, for rent or sale.

If you do a real estate search with a professional broker, then you have to pay a commission, but the security of a reputable brokerage should be worth this small fee. Whether you are looking for real estate for your own private use or as an investment or pension plan, or sell your house or rent your apartment, in any case, there are a variety of points to consider in the settlement. When looking for apartments, houses or land, you will receive all the important information from Xpats-Service. Therefore, we can not recommend a property search privately, even if an offer that is free of commission, of course, can be very tempting. Xpats service as a qualified real estate agent can do background research and keep you up to date on the business partners.

Typical scammer methods:

Scammers always offer you unbeatable affordable apartments in the desirable locations of Amsterdam. Many claim that the apartment is fully furnished and warmly including all utilities and electricity and water really cost only that ridiculous rent in the month, which was mentioned in the ad.

For an advance deposit (prepayment, preferably cash) or via the Western Union money transfer service, a representative / friend will send the key and a lease draft. You then have three days to visit the apartment. If you do not like it, you can simply return the key and get your deposit back.

Ultimately, it always comes down to cash in advance (1 – 2 months rent bar or Western Union), and then all the alarm bells have to ring at you. Even if the offer is still so tempting. As soon as you are asked to pay in advance in response to a request, this is a clear sign of fraud. It is important never to pay in advance and never to send personal documents and data to unknown persons or private individuals.

Xpats-Service recommends immediately breaking contact and securing any evidence of fraud such as emails. If the suspicion of a crime is in the room, going to the police is indispensable.