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The Dutch-(US)American Friendship Treaty
(DAFT)- Visa

The DAFT visa is a work and residence permit for US-American immigrants to the Netherlands, which is tied to a self-owned business in the Netherlands. It is a more accessible version of the regular Dutch Self Employed visa. The latter visa works with a more elaborate “point system” to evaluate whether the entrepreneur (and their new business) are of enough “added value” to the Dutch economy. The DAFT visa does not have this requirement, because of the special friendship relationship between the United States and the Netherlands.

For US-American immigrants to the Netherlands with an entrepreneurial spirit, the DAFT visa is a very attractive option to quickly and easily acquire a work and residence permit for the Netherlands. Entrepreneurs 18 years and older are accepted under this visa: self-employed freelancers are just as eligible as big business owners setting up a Dutch branch of their thriving US-American business. There are no requirements as to the type of business, the type of customers of your business, or their origin. In this article we will explain the process in a few steps, and add some useful tips in the process.

DAFT-Visa Relocation Package

(incl. up to 2 Adults & 2 Kids) excl. Tax

(+bureaucracy costs which could be incurred)

We assist You with the following:

  • DAFT Visa application

  • USA Apostille

  • HomeSearch

  • Obtaining Your BSN (Burgerservicenummer)

  • Opening a Dutch Business Bank Account

  • Opening a Personal Bank Account

  • Setup your company (BV or Zzp)

  • Register your Business with the KVK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce)

  • Utilities Service

  • Home and Liability Insurance

  • Internet & TV

  • Dutch Mobile Phone Service

  • Expats 30% Tax Ruling (tax-free allowance of up to 30% if applies)

  • Healthcare Insurance

  • Relocating / Shipping / Transporting

  • Free Taxi Service from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam 

  • Car Rental / Leasing

  • Automatic Member for 1 Year of our Xpats-Service Association

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the DAFT-VISA

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