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Founded in 2020, Xpats-Service Relocation Agency is a Dutch domestic and international employee relocation management and consulting services company.

Xpats-Service Relocation Agency is built on the concept of the “It depends on your definition of – living-, from expat to compatriot” Every single client and transferring employee is important to us. We are proud of the scope and reach of our organization, and we are fierce about our ability to provide personalized, customized and focused service.

Xpats-Service Relocation Agency is dedicated to providing the best value in the relocation industry, making the relocation experience a well managed process that is beneficial to the transferee, their family and the corporation. We continually find savings for our clients, streamline processes to reduce costs and consult on programs to ensure they are well designed and efficient.

Our Relocation Agents are very knowledgeable in the Dutch housing market. They will assess your housing needs and provide neighborhood recommendations based on your criteria. Depending on your need, we will assist your relocation and finding a long-term or short-term rental accommodation.

We can also introduce you to expatriate Real Estate Agents to help you find a place to buy and get expert financial advice on the possibilities of an expatriate mortgage.

We honor our word every day: to provide our clients and their transferring employees the best relocation experience in a very personal way through the knowledgeable and professional delivery of our services.

Our dedicated Xpats-Service Team:



ten Hag

Co-Founder & CFO, Accountant, Financial Adviser & Tax Advisor - Languages: Dutch, German & English

“What I like about The Netherlands is that the country has many colors & cultures. The Netherlands has positive vibes which attracts people from different countries around the world.”


Serge Gerritsma

Co-Founder, CEO, & Relocation Managers - Languages: Dutch, German & English

“I love The Netherlands, the country is vibrant, alive, fresh & so cosmopolitan. It’s definitely one of my favorite places. The Netherlands is a open-minded, liberal & curious. It’s amazing how welcoming The Netherlands is.”


Christina Münch

Relocation Agent - Languages: German, Russian & English

“Overall, The Netherlands has high standards of living. Both education and healthcare are of high-quality. Housing, although scarce, is often renovated or new and well-maintained. People tend to earn enough to enjoy the commodities offered by this diverse and beautiful country.”


Claire ten Hag

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - Languages: Dutch & English

“The Netherlands is one the most international countries in the world. Almost everyone you meet will speak fluent English. The Dutch are known for being both direct and friendly, which means they’re easy to talk to, but will also say what’s on their mind — which I love.”



Office Dog & Company Mascot - Languages: German, Dutch & English

“I am happy to be the Xpats-Service’s mascot! My colleagues, are nice to me. They let me play with my other dog friends in the parks. Life is good and I'm enjoying life to the fullest! WhhOOff!”




Property Manager & Relocation Agent - Languages: Dutch, English & German

"What I love about The Netherlands. The Netherlands is known for its cycling culture. Come rain or shine, its residents will be out on their bicycles. Not only is it healthy and free, but it’s part of the daily commute here. "


Rachelle Vanegas

Relocation Agent

Specialization DAFT Visa

- Languages: English

"Living in the Netherlands is an unique experience, only something you can truly understand if you have experienced it for yourself!"




"The Netherlands is becoming one of the most popular countries on the planet for expats, drawing in a record number of international students and young professionals each year."

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