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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Our Relocation Agents are very knowledgeable in the Dutch housing market. They will assess your housing needs and provide neighborhood recommendations based on your criteria.

We will assist you with your moving and relocation.

Depending on your need, we will assist you finding a long-term or short-term rental accommodation. We can also introduce you to expatriate Estate Agent to help you find a place to buy and get expert financial advice on the possibilities of an expatriate mortgage.

*all prices excluded tax

I need assistance with relocation or/and transporting

Includes: We will assist you to find the right Moving company for all your personal belongings.

Price: € 429,-
(+ bureaucracy costs which incurred from the transporting company)


I need assistance with finding a storage room

Includes: We will assist you to find the right Storage company for all your private belongings.

Price: € 102,-
(+ bureaucracy costs which incurred from the storage room company)


I need assistance with my pet

Includes: We know how important your beloved pet is as a family member. That is why we also know how important it is for a move to look after your pet well. You need the right relocation containers, papers, vaccinations, Quarantine place… etc. We help you to ensure that your beloved pet, get into his new home, stress-free and easy.

Price: € 520,-
(+ bureaucracy costs which could incurred)


I need assistance with relocation of special goods or/and vehicles

Includes: We also assist you with the shipping and import of your automobile or any antique and rarity.

Price: € 1.205,-
(+ bureaucracy costs which could be incurred)

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