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It depends on your definition of “living”, from expat to compatriot.

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Xpats-Service Relocation Agency B.V. offers personal assistance services, to support you and your family, to feel at home in The Netherlands as quickly as possible.

International moving to The Netherlands can be a stressful process, especially in a foreign environment. Xpats-Service Relocation Agency B.V. is a comprehensive Amsterdam based relocation company and strives to make it as relaxing and enjoyable for you and your family as possible. Xpats-Service Relocation Agency B.V. offers international transportation, relocation and warehousing for corporate and private expatriates.

Why choose a Relocation Package?

We know from the experience of our customers which are the most popular services. We have made packages from these services not only to make your choice easier, but also to give you a price advantage by choosing a package, rather making a “Tailor Made Package”.

Your advantages:

We make sure that you…

  • Concentrate with full focus on the first day of work, and get a full boost. Due to a personal support by Xpats-Service.

  • No time wasted on administrative formalities, on-the-spot orientation or finding suitable accommodation, kindergarten or school etc.

  • Get along quickly in the new environment,

  • And your family does not feel left alone, and always has a competent contact person who is there for them.



Please choose the package you need:

Plus additionally bureaucracy costs which could be incurred.

For more information, please read the pages “Moving & Logistics” and “Additional Service.”

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Visa & Immigration –
Working As An Expat in the Netherlands

If you want to work in The Netherlands as a foreign worker, there are several options with different requirements, which have to be applied. If this is not done, you are working illegally in The Netherlands. And that can be heavily penalized by the Dutch tax authorities. These fines are very high and can be issued to companies and employees. If you want to be absolutely sure you are not running any legal or financial risk, Xpats-Service Relocation Agency B.V. can support you.

  • How to get a DAFT Visa

  • How to get a Permits for Highly Skilled Migrant.

  • How to get a Short-Stay Visa

  • How to get a Provisional Residence Permit

  • How to get a EU-Blue Card

  • How to get a TWV

  • How to get a GVVA


We at Xpats-Service know that many people have the dream of emigrating to a foreign country.

But we also know that many people unfortunately do not implement that dream into reality. Because in reality they are confronted with many serious obstacles.

This is exactly why we at Xpats-Service have developed the Oranje-Guide. This research report might bring you a little closer to your dream.

We have created the Oranje-Guide which helps you through your whole relocation process – Step by Step – !

What exactly does the Oranje-Guide include and helps you?

– Information about Visa, work and or residences permit;
– Governmental rules and laws;
– Allowances, benefits, your BSN number and how to apply;
– Everything about the housing market, rental properties, utilities and insurances;
– Hyperlinks to websites you need to know to arrange for example your DiGiD login, taxes, municipalities and many more;
– Information about schooling for your kids, useful apps, culture, cities, bikes and traffic rules;
– Fun facts about the Netherlands, culture and the Dutch people;
– Tips & tricks for a smooth relocation, settle in and settle down in the Netherlands – including checklists;
– References of immigrations lawyers, accountants, moving companies, furniture stores or rentals;
– And so much more...

After the Orange-Guide you will find out that many of your questions have been answered, including some that you may not have thought of. The Oranje-Guide will help you better turn your dream into reality and make you aware that, YES, there are obstacles, but also opportunities and solutions.

With our Oranje-Guide, we first want to take away the feeling of fear, but also show you that you are sure about your dream and that you have really thought through the topic of immigrate to The Netherlands.

We want to make you aware that you are making a life decision.

Of course you can keep the Oranje-Guide to read it through and to discuss it with your loved ones.

Loyal customers don’t just come back, they don’t just recommend you;
They insist that their friends do business with you too.
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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

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