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​It depends on your definition of “living”, from expat to compatriot.

Relocation Services

International moving to Amsterdam can be a stressful process, especially in a foreign environment. 


Xpats-Service offers personal assistance services to support your family, to feel them at home as quickly as possible.


If your company hires a new expatriate employee, there are stumbling blocks that could hinder successful integration.

Moving and Logistics

Our Relocation Agents will assess your housing needs and provide neighborhood recommendations based on your criteria.

Child Care and Education

If you need help finding the right school, preschool, kindergarten or nanny, we will assist you to find the right one for you.

Additional Services

Please don’t hesitate to put together an individual package for you and your family. Or add additional service according to your wishes and needs.

Individual Relocation

You want to move for private or professional reasons to the Netherlands, but you are not familiar with Dutch culture, manners and traditions? Then we will help you not only find the perfect home, but also feel at home.

Living in a foreign country is difficult enough, and on top of this you have all the administrative challenges of a foreign country to deal with. But if you do not want to get stuck in the expat bubble, you will need to learn to adjust to life in a foreign country.

We, from Xpats-Service, are happy to help you with your big step, not only to find your new perfect home, but also to support and navigate you through the local government red tape, when you move to a new home in a new country. If needed, we will also support you to find the right school for your children and support you with the enrolling, so your child can enjoy the first day of school without obstacles.

Corporate Relocation

Your company is looking for a competent relocation service for national and international removals?

Xpats-Service Relocation Agency offers relocation solutions to international companies and their expat employees to make moving to the Netherlands as smooth and cost effective as possible for you. Xpats-Service creates a comprehensive and individually tailored relocation program. In doing so, we engage in a personal conversation about the personal needs of the customer and their families.

Xpats-Service has set itself the goal of relieving companies, as well as their employees, so that your new expat employee can focus on his new professional challenge in the company right from the start. We want to make sure that your expat employee feels comfortable in his new home and quickly overcomes cultural and language barriers.

The satisfaction of your employees, as well his family are crucial for Xpats-Service.


Your company is looking for a competent relocation service for national and international removals?

Unfortunately, Britain will leave the EU.

Although there is still much uncertainty as to how things will go, EU citizens living in the UK are thinking about their professional and private future. 
We at Xpats-Service would like to support those who have decided to come home to the EU. 

We have Relocation Agents in following languages


The Netherlands is a Kingdom. The majority of the Netherlands is in northwest Europe, on the North Sea. In addition to the European part, there are the three special municipalities in the Caribbean Sea, which are also referred to as the Caribbean Netherlands. Amsterdam is the capital.


The United Kingdom, officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, abbreviated UK, is a sovereign state in Western Europe with approximately 63.7 million inhabitants, located between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. London is the capital.



Officially the French Republic, is a country in Western Europe and the third largest European country in terms of area. France lies between the Channel, the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay, Belgium and Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy and Spain, Andorra, the Mediterranean and Monaco. Paris is the capital.


The Federal Republic of Germany (German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland), simply Germany (German: Deutschland), is a country in Central Europe. It has a territory of 357,022 km² and borders the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and Denmark in the north, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Austria and Switzerland in the south and France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands in the west. With 80,594,017 (2017) inhabitants, Germany has the largest population of all countries in the European Union. Berlin is the capital.



Officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a country in southwestern Europe with 48,958,159 inhabitants and an area of 505,992 km². The country covers roughly 80% of the Iberian Peninsula. Madrid is the capital.

Overview of the process we’ll guide you through:

  • Free intake to discuss your requirements.
  • Introduce you to the property market.
  • Identify potential homes that meet your criteria.
  • Create and accompany you on a personal viewing tour, with local car pick-up/transfers.
    • Negotiate and prepare the offer for the home you choose.
    • Advise on expectations for rent, service charges, appliances and utilities, etc.
    • Review the contents of the rental contract and coordinate signing process.
    • Accompany you during check-in and help orientate you with the neighborhood.
      • Help you contact utility providers and set up home comforts such as TV, internet etc.
      • Help you contact and accompany you to a school or/and after school care for your kids.

      Loyal customers don’t just come back, they don’t just recommend you;

      They insist that their friends do business with you too.

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