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Relocation Services for Companies

You are a corporation, medium-sized or a start-up business looking to expand in the Netherlands. This includes also entrepreneurs with plans to start their business in the Netherlands. Everything Xpats-Service Relocation Agency B.V. offers is tailored to your needs. You can rely on your permanent contact within our international Relocation Team of specialists. 

The Relocation Agent will always keep you up to date during the planning and execution of the relocation. So that there are no unforeseen surprises. 

Xpats-Service will update you with regular progress reports and daily contact with HR, employees and their families. Your Relocation Agent will ensure you stay informed about every step of the moving process.

At Xpats-Service Relocation Agency B.V. we have extensive experience in supporting companies of all sizes relocating their employees to the Netherlands. It is crucial that your employee/s relocation is handled efficiently and complies with all relevant laws and best practices in the Netherlands. We will work closely with you to understand both your needs and those of your new employee/s.

Commission us to plan and carry out your move.

Xpats-Service Relocation Agency B.V. offers you a clear and transparent overview of what needs to be done for a smooth relocation to the Netherlands.

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