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Partner Visa - Many people move to the Netherlands each year to join partners and family members.

Who can move to the Netherlands to join family?

Who does not need a family visa to move to the Netherlands?

All EU/EFTA citizens can move to the Netherlands without a visa or residence permit. If you come from any EU/EFTA member state, all you need to do is register with your local authority. You will then be entered into the Personal Records Database and will get a citizen service number.

Relatives of EU/EFTA nationals living in the Netherlands also don’t need a family visa to join them. This is the case regardless of whether the family member is from the EU/EFTA or a third country. They will simply need to register with the local authorities and apply for verification against EU law with the IND. This applies to the following relatives:

  • Spouse/partner

  • Children/grandchildren under 21

  • Dependent children/grandchildren over 21

  • Any other financially dependent relatives

The exception to this is if your relative is a Dutch national. In this case, you will usually need either a combined entry visa/permit or a residence permit.

Who needs a family visa to join family in the Netherlands?

If you are a third-country national and you have relatives from outside the EU/EFTA living in the Netherlands on either a permanent or temporary residence permit, you can apply for a family visa or permit to join them if you are:

  • The spouse/partner

  • A child under 18

Some non-EU/EFTA nationals, for example, those from Australia, Japan, and the US, can enter the Netherlands without needing to obtain a visa beforehand. However, they will need to apply for a Dutch residence permit for family purposes shortly after arriving in the Netherlands. All other third-country nationals need to apply for a combined entry visa and provisional residence permit before traveling to the Netherlands.

Partner visa to join non-EU/EFTA or Dutch nationals in the Netherlands

Who can apply?

You can apply for a partner visa in the Netherlands if you are the spouse, registered partner, or are in an exclusive long-term relationship. In addition to this, you or your partner must fulfill the following conditions:

Visa length

Your Netherlands partner visa/permit is usually valid for the same length of time as your partner’s permit, up to a maximum of five years. If your partner is a Dutch national, your permit will be valid for five years.

You can apply for an extension to your permit when it expires, as long as you still meet all the conditions. After five continuous years of residence, you may be eligible for permanent residence or Dutch citizenship.

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