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The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (also known as DAFT or Dutch American Residency Treaty)

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The DAFT-Visa is an agreement between the United States of America and The Netherlands signed into law at The Hague on March 27, 1956. The treaty is a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation with protocols. The treaty allows US Entrepreneurs to acquire Dutch residency for the purpose of starting a business. The treaty also allows Dutch traders and investors to enter the US and engage in business in the US.

What are the conditions for moving to The Netherlands?

Moving to the Netherlands and starting a business in the country can be an attractive option for many foreign investors, not only American citizens. However, the special conditions under the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) make it relatively simple for individuals from the United States to move to a Dutch city. The DAFT visa is valid for two years and it is suitable for U.S. entrepreneurs who are IT and software specialists, web developers, management consultants, accountants, designers, translators, multimedia producers, and many other specialists who can work as self-employed individuals. It is important to note that under the treaty the applicant will most likely work as a freelancer as this is not a work permit for an employee U.S. entrepreneurs who wish to apply for a Dutch residence permit under the Friendship Treaty between the two countries need to follow a number of steps and submit their permit application with the Immigration and Naturalization Department, the IND. The first two steps, before submitting the application, include arriving in the Netherlands and arranging the accommodation in a location where the applicant will be able to register as living at the said location.

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