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Xpats-Asset-Property Management

Control over your property, down to every detail. This is necessary to ensure that your property generates optimum returns. Xpats-Asset-Property Management delivers custom work, both in Property and Asset Management.

Property Management
Property management includes various activities so that the entire operation of your property can be carried out. Xpats-Asset-Property
Management always seeks to meet the wishes of the client and then provides tailor-made solutions. The activities can be divided into Administrative, Technical and Commercial Management.

- Administration
Invoicing debtors, daily statement processing, debtor monitoring, processing invoices (creditors), periodic reporting to the owner / investor, rent assessment matters, service costs settlements (to the tenants) and handling collection matters with non-paying tenants.

- Technology
Acceptance and processing of requests for repairs, periodic inspection of the buildings / complexes with regard to the "state" of the building, technical supervision of major maintenance, providing final inspections at lease terminations, taking care of service contracts (periodic lift maintenance, cleaning, etc.), registering and deregistering meter readings for electricity, gas and checking the invoices relating to the orders given and the service contracts concluded.

- Commerce

Rental of private real estate, preparation of rental contracts and contract management of current rental contracts (replacement contracts and rental contract reviews).

Asset management
In addition to the operational tasks that we perform as a property manager, we are also happy to advise you on optimizing the value of your property. A good translation of the portfolio policy to complex level is the basis for asset management. From here, Xpats-Asset-Property Management will provide practical and expert guidance to the chosen external service providers (brokers, contractors, civil-law notaries, etc.), maintain and expand the relationship with the tenants, but also monitor the quality and results of the property management on behalf of the owner
. The periodic and tailor-made reports provide the right management information for our clients.

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